Stress has a huge impact on your relationship, and your relationship can have a huge impact on your stress. Stress is a social force that must be reckoned with. You can read about Jennifer’s and my discussions with other providers who help people manage their stress. Read our full article here at the Mountain Xpress website.


Vulnerability and exposure in relationships

Many of you know what it’s like to live in a renovation project

I bought my house below market price knowing it would need a lot of work.  Four months into the renovation I described my life to a friend as coming home daily to a nativity calendar, I just never know what I’ll find when I open the front door.   On this particular day I opened the front door to discover something that left me very contemplative, honestly it took my breath away.

I found that I had no internal doors in my home.  Not a one, not a cabinet, closet, pantry, drawer, or room door.

I was left with a feeling of being very exposed

As if there all my secrets were for the world to see.  I had a friend coming over to watch a movie later that evening and my first impulse was to call him and cancel.  After all, I couldn’t let him see all of this, all of me.

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Honesty In Relationships

Healthy relationships have a lot of honest self-disclosure. The topic of honesty comes up enough in our clinical settings that it is worth exploring deeper. This post offers a sort of primer on things that relationship experts would encourage you to consider around honesty and self-disclosure. This is the kind of relationship advice a professional relationship counselor would give to you.

How honest should someone be in a relationship?

The short answer is that relationships are definitely more fulfilling when you and your partner are able to be almost completely honest. There are huge, priceless benefits of being more honest in relationships. One could say that honesty is at the foundation of any healthy relationship. A goal in your relationships could be to honestly self-disclose your true self to your partner.

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Online Relationship Advice

We are two clinicians passionate about relationships. You are looking for relationship advice on the internet. We can point you in the right direction.

Some of the freely available online relationship advice is exceptionally helpful! Still, every relationship has different personalities and different dynamics. Your relationship is unique and complex.  The relationship advice that you find on the internet may not apply to your situation, and it may not get to the heart of your relationship problems. One of our primary goals is to help you navigate through that free online relationship advice minefield.

Use our Relationship Advice Guide to discover the available free online relationship advice that is most likely to be helpful for your unique relationship problem. Go there now to get started!

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