Jennifer Gural


Jennifer Gural is a Relationship, Addiction, and Personal Development Therapist and Life Coach in Los Angeles, CA.  She  has spent the last 10 years in the therapeutic field. She has had the great privilege to live and work in NYC, London, Bangkok and currently Los Angeles, CA.

“I feel as if I’ve had many lives already and I draw on each life experience to help both my clients and my readers.  I love to learn, listen, expand my view, and play.  I believe that life is a process of learning and adjustment.  We almost never get it right the first time, I know I haven’t. “

My goal is to help you unlock the insight within you to promote unlimited growth, healthy relationships, achievement of goals, and the happiness you deserve.

As a licensed therapist and life coach I specialize in neural biology and psychology, addiction, attachment and relationship therapy, career optimization, workplace relations, goal formation and achievement, communication training, and trauma resolution. I look forward to sharing the newest science and my years of experience to help you solve the issues that are limiting your growth and success. I’m here to help you unblock the path ahead of you.

Like in the practice of yoga, Jennifer believes in using the science of her field as a platform for clarifying the wisdom and advice of those who have traveled this road before us.   She believes that we are all capable of making the adjustments needed to have healthier relationships and lives.