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Relationship professionals, counselors and  dating coaches provide this information for their clients.  We hope this guide leads you to information that gives you a clearer perspective about dating.

Do you know your Attachment Style and Biological Drives?

Perhaps your already aware that your dating life, like your relationships, is influenced by both your biology and your experiences. Your dating experiences are impacted by your own nature and nurture.You will want to know our attachment style and your biological drives before you begin dating. If you go on a date without knowing the influence of your biology and experiences, then you won’t fully understand your dating experience. You an access this information in our Relationship Advice Guide.

Do you know where to find dates?

There are three primary avenues people use for finding a date. These three avenues account for over 90% of all dating opportunities.

  • On average, about sixty percent of dating partners are discovered through friends or social activities.
  • Relationships at work or school accounts for another fifteen percent of people’s dating opportunities.
  • Another fifteen percent or more of dating opportunities result from internet meeting sites and social media.

If you are truly looking to find someone, then one piece of dating advice to consider is opening up to all the different ways to meet people that are available to you. It is simple math, maximizing your dating opportunities will increase your dating pool.

Dating through Dating Sites

Dating sites are better referred to as Meeting Sites. You will not be dating anyone at the site, you will just have an opportunity to meet people that you are interested in. The best advice available is to know how to succesfully use these dating sites. We suggest you read our Online Dating Guide in order to be succesful.

Dating through Friends or Social Activities

The more involved you become in social activities with different friends, then the more opportunities you will have to encounter people to meet. Challenge yourself to try new places and new things in order to find people who you could begin dating. The majority of couples have met through friends or social activities.

Dating through Work or School

There are some additional considerations when it comes to dating people who you work with or attend classes with. Some work place relationships are not permited due to supervision conflicts or other workplace policies. If the relationship is unhealthy and ends, then two classmates or workmates will likely encounter each other depending on the workplace or institution.

Do you know how to ask someone out on a date or get someone to ask you out?

For many people, perhaps even for you, getting to the point of asking or being asked out is unnerving.  Fortunately there is a lot of helpful advice available when it comes to asking out someone or getting them to ask you out. Some of that advice is universal in nature, some is more specific to particular relationship dynamics.

Tips for getting someone to notice you

Tips for asking someone out

You may get rejected when you attempt to establish a deeper relationship with someone. You can reduce your risk of being rejected by engaging in most of the previously mentioned ten strategies and tips to signal attraction. Other’s reduce their risk by being more indirect and combining it with a flirty tone.

  • 5 Ways to Indirectly Ask for a Date: We reccomend a more direct approach than this article suggests. Professional Counselors and Dating Coaches teach people to honestly self-disclose and avoid manipulation in their deep and meaningful relationships.  Still, in this article Jeremy Nicholson offers some good tips and advice for asking someone out indirectly. If you plan to use one of his indirect strategies, be sure to heed his warning at the end of his article. That is, asking someone out indirectly will work better when you are honest that you are being indirect. Try to grin or use a flirting tone when being indirect so that the person you are asking out will know that you are confessing to them that you are being manipulative. Honest self-disclosure is one of the pillars of a deep and meaningful connection. You can learn more about self-disclosure in our Relationship Advice Guide
  • How To Approach Women Without Fear Of Rejection: Geared towards heterosexual men, but the advice is useful for anyone attempting a more direct, honest approach. Julian Reisinger also offers some  helpful hints for dealing with rejection.

Tips for dealing with rejection

Other Dating Issues…

Dating advice covers many more areas than the ones listed in this post. The following links can be explored to help you uncover the relationship advice you seek.

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