Ask Others

You can ask us your dating or relationship questions, or submit your question to other online sources. We have complied a list of places you could try to contact for free advice about your dating or relationship needs.

  • Reddit Relationship Advice: This is a platform to get advice from people who have been in a similar situation. The relationship, sex, or dating advice can sometimes miss important points or be uninformed, but sometimes you find a gold nugget of knowledge from the community.
  • Ask Amy: Thoughtful advice about relationships and family.
  • Savage Love: Relationship, sex, and dating questions. Much more LGBTQ friendly.
  • April Masini Relationship Advice Forum: One of the larger advice forums and there is a good chance April will personally respond to your dating, sex, or relationship question.
  • Ask E. Jean: A great archive of poignant responses from E. Jean.
  • Submit a Dating Question: Christan Marashio offers a strong, action oriented approach to dating.
  • Ask Evan: Advice focusing on helping woman navigate their dating life. Especially helpful for woman with an avoidant attachment style.

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