Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of this Website

We are committed to protecting any information that you may send through e-mail, fax, regular mail, or voicemail, as far as it is possible to do so.

Per the disclaimer, there is no client-counselor relationship established via use of this website. Our effort will be to maintain your confidentiality, but your confidentiality is not guaranteed. Moreover, confidentiality is normally waived when:

  • A person gives permission to share information.
  • There is clear probability of physical harm to the person, to other individuals or groups, or to society. (It is not always possible to locate a person using the website, the site is not continually monitored and I cannot be responsible for any such threats or acts.)
  • A judge signs an order requiring disclosure.
  • When either Jonathan Jay Esslinger or Jennifer Gural is a defendant in any complaint, disciplinary action, civil or criminal action that is filed by the person who has revealed the information.

Information We Collect:
Information collected may include your name, identifying information, or other data that you submit. We will make efforts to protect your confidentiality, but your confidentiality can not be guaranteed. By using this website or making submissions via this website, then information you submit may identify you and Jennifer Gural or Jonathan Esslinger, or any agents acting on our behalf, are not liable in any way. Please review our disclaimer. Any comments you make on our website are public and all confidentiality is waived by placing your comments there. Jennifer Gural, Jonathan Esslinger, or agents of any entity connected with either of them or this website are not responsible for any adverse effects that your comments might have on you personally, on your employment, your relationships or in any other way.

For any questions about privacy on this website, please contact us.