Honesty In Relationships

How honesty shapes relationships

Healthy relationships have a lot of honest self-disclosure. The topic of honesty comes up enough in our clinical settings that it is worth exploring deeper. This post offers a sort of primer on things that relationship experts would encourage you to consider around honesty and self-disclosure. This is the kind of relationship advice a professional relationship counselor would give to you.

How should someone be honest in a relationship?

The short answer is that relationships are definitely more fulfilling when you and your partner are able to be almost completely honest. There are huge, priceless benefits of being more honest in relationships. One could say that honesty is at the foundation of any healthy relationship. A goal in your relationships could be to honestly self-disclose your true self to your partner.

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How stress impacts your wellness and your relationships

Stress has a huge impact on your relationship, and your relationship can have a huge impact on your stress. Stress is a social force that must be reckoned with. You can read about Jennifer’s and my discussions with other providers who help people manage their stress.

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