Online Dating Guide

Online dating sites are a great place to meet people that you could end up having a date with. With a little knowledge, you can narrow down which one to use. Then you can learn how to be successful with your online dating profile. Online dating is one of the three most likely places people meet someone that they have a date with.

Which online dating site do you use?

This dating site data will help you to familiarize yourself with all the options available. The most used dating site may not be best for your particular needs. This dating data only applies to the United States. We are looking for other countries dating site data, and will share it with you when it is released. You will see in the chart that Tinder, PletyOfFish (POF), OkCupid, eHarmony, and Match are the top 5 most used online dating sites.

There are more things to consider beyond which online dating site is the most used. Advice about which dating site to use will take into account how old you are. Your age will impact your decision about which sites to invest your time or money into using. The following dating site usage data by age is for the United States.

Also, take into account any gender preference you have. If you are seeking a woman for example, then there are many dating sites that have dramatically fewer woman than others. This information may further guide your choice of a dating site.

The region of the United States is also a factor to consider when choosing an online dating site. Depending on where you are in a country could impact the number of people who are using any particular online dating site.

Another thing to consider in choosing an online dating site is the difference between a paid online dating site versus an unpaid dating site. Sites where members are required to pay in order to respond to messages are more likely to be used by people who are actually interested in going on a date. There will be much more nonsense to dig through when using a free site. For this reason, of the top five, Match stands out for their required fee. Match is able to ensure more serious daters and less online dating time wasters. eHarmony is a partial pay program.

What will make me successful with Online Dating?

Success with online dating is when you have a good date with someone you met online. We will do our best to guide you through the process that successful online daters use. There are a few important online dating tips and advice that will help you to meet someone online then elevate that encounter into an actual date. The following links provide helpful advice for success dating online.

  • Tips for Successful Online Dating: Oprah’s website does a great job of giving online dating advice that will help you develop your online profile.
  • 11 Insider Tips to Finding Love Online: WebMd offers some great list online dating advice for your profile and some ways to help keep you safer in the online dating world.
  • 15 Harsh Realities About Online Dating: Christan Marashio shares her no-nonsense online dating tips. Keep in mind that Christan does argue that refreshing honesty is overrated. We disagree in general. Honesty is a pathway to deeper intimacy. Perhaps a better word is self-disclosure. Self-disclosure is not overrated, especially in deep and meaningful connections. We do agree with Chritan’s point that it is cruel to be honest when it’s only redeeming purpose is to be hurtful to someone. You can read more about this at our post about Honesty in Relationships.

How do I ask someone out when doing online dating?

Usually after a 2-3 exchanges you can suggest that you would like to meet the person to see if you are a good fit with them. We highly suggest you return to our online Dating Advice Guide in order to further explore asking someone out on a date.

What do I do on an online date?

Once you get on a date with someone, you can utilize the relationship advice that can be found in our Dating Advice Guide.